git undo merge

October 2, 2017

git reset –hard HEAD~1

will undo the last commit



check version of windows installation media

August 28, 2017

dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:g:\sources\install.wim /index:1

flip words on space in excel

November 1, 2016

useful for eg firstname lastname

=CONCATENATE(MID(A2;FIND(” “;A2)+1;LEN(A2));” “;LEFT(A2;FIND(” “;A2)))

windows 10 kiosk mode assigned access

October 24, 2016 email on android as exchange

May 15, 2016

manual setup

Danish characters using alt codes

May 10, 2016

Ø – ALT+0216

ø – ALT+0248

Solving Surface Pro 4 sleep problems

April 19, 2016

Will this do it?

powercfg /batteryreport

powercfg /energy

powercfg /requests

powercfg /requestsoverride DRIVER “Realtek High Definition Audio(SST)” SYSTEM DISPLAY AWAYMODE

keyboard shortcuts for windows explorer

March 2, 2016

switch view modes: CTRL+SHIFT+1-8

new folder: CTRL+SHIFT+n


Surface Pro 4 battery saving

February 29, 2016

awesome OneNote keyboard shortcuts

February 2, 2016

a notebook has sections, a section has pages

Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn : next/prev page

Alt-PgUp/PgDn : first/last page

Ctrl-Alt-G : focus current page in page list